Yukon’s Best Flour, Oklahoma City


Yukon’s Best Flour, Oklahoma City

We cruised by the massive Yukon’s Best Flour plant at the end of a long day of driving Route 66 while searching for our hotel in Yukon, a suburb of Oklahoma City. We were too tired to stop the car, but once we had settled into our room, I was compelled to go back and get some shots of this huge grain elevator / factory. It seemed abandoned, but I wasn’t sure. It was actually a bit spooky walking all around it with absolutely no people anywhere. Wish I could have come back later in the evening to see if the neon sign was lit up, as it appeared to be in excellent condition.

With a tiny bit of research, I found this link from Route 66 News which shows that the preservationists in the area raised $175,000 to rebuild the neon sign and it was relit to great applause in 2003. Hooray – another victory for vintage neon! http://www.route66news.com/2013/06/29/yukons-best-flour-sign-is-restored/

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