Twin Arrows Trading Post, Arizona

photograph of two giant arrows at Twin Arrows Trading Post

Twin Arrows Trading Post, Arizona

Twin Arrows Trading Post is near Two Guns, Arizona (and many people speculate that that’s how it was named!) If you take exit 219 off Interstate 40 you’ll get there in just a few minutes. It’s in a very sad state of disrepair at this point though, in fact it’s beyond sad, it’s spooky. I walked all around the property and took pictures from many angles. I especially love the two 25’ arrows stuck in the ground and so did many travelers that have found the place since the 1950’s from the covers of travel books and magazines.

The property used to be a cafe, truck stop and gas station (with a souvenir shop of course!) Now it’s completely boarded up with graffiti, broken windows, and weeds taking over the whole place. Once again, this is the classic Route 66 sad tale as the interstate system diverted all customers away in the 1970’s and although various owners attempted to keep it going, it eventually closed in the mid 1990’s.

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