Southernmost Motel, Key West, Florida


Southernmost Motel, Key West, Florida

The original watercolor painting I did of the Southernmost Motel was part of my 1980’s Florida motel series. What a hoot to make it all the way down the Keys to Key West and find this place declaring themselves to be the “southernmost”! This one, like so many of the signs I’ve documented really made me smile!

The original watercolor sold many years ago, but I had the image on my website. Some dear folks that love my work saw the image and asked to purchase it. When I told them it was already sold, they commissioned me to paint it again in oils and BIG! So here it is!

The funniest thing is a good friend of mine who grew up in Key West saw this image and told me a great story about how she and her friends used to sneak in and swim at their swimming pool in the heat of the summer! In researching online, it appears that this motel is no longer with us, so I’m glad I was able to capture it here.

Oil on canvas, 36×48″

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