So it goes


So it goes

Every day this week those niggling thoughts have been pushing through from the back of my “mind” urging me to get on with the blog about our road trip to Florida and back – to share those fleeting memories before they vanish into the past, superseded by layer upon layer of new experiences that are vying for attention. But what ended up grabbing me instead was finishing the two paintings I’ve been working on for a very long time, in preparation for the meeting I just had with Lenny Kislin – who has chosen me for one of his upcoming art shows at Oriole 9 in Woodstock!

I felt so exhilarated getting back into painting after months of attending to the myriad of activities that compel me each day. Pushing oil paint around on canvas satisfies some inexplicable urge that lives deep inside of me – that won’t rest until it’s been satisfied. The grass in this painting was particularly pleasurable! (which has not always been the case with large swaths of grassy foregrounds). How do you design the shapes of the darks and lights to make it seem compelling? How do you indicate the textures of the dirt, grass and bushes without actually painting each blade of grass, each rock? How do you entice the viewer to feel something that may be going on within the painting, when it’s a flat barren landscape with a sign and some telephone poles?

In this case, I just let myself go – just played with the shapes and colors of the intersecting lights and darks of grass and bush – I “felt” myself within them – the process evolved naturally. I think this must be part of a maturing process that has occurred for me as an artist – that I can allow myself, trust myself, to paint what flows out of me knowing it eventually will become pleasing. Or maybe it won’t, but then I’ll know what to do to “fix it”.

This painting isn’t completely finished in that regard. Richard is my best critic and he pointed out that there is too much green in the foliage as it retreats toward the sign – I agree with him and will make some adjustments to tone down the color – make it more muted. But meanwhile, the day is now half over, I’m off to work, and the roadside notes will just have to wait for another day!


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