Skydome Muffler Man, Flagstaff, Arizona

photograph of the Muffler Man at the Skydome in Flagstaff Arizona

Skydome Muffler Man, Flagstaff, Arizona

The Skydome Muffler Man in Flagstaff, Arizona is an imposing figure named “Louie” who stands next to the Lawrence Walkup Skydome and is a symbol for school spirit for the Lumberjacks of Northern Arizona University. The statue originally was the calling card in front of the Lumberjack Restaurant and was donated to the university by the owners in the late 1970’s. Some say Louie was the VERY FIRST Muffler Man ever produced in 1962 by Prewitt Fiberglass Animals. The story goes that the owners of The Lumberjack Cafe also bought the second Muffler Man ever made, and that guy is currently also owned by the university and regularly gets hit with basketballs inside the Skydome.

Love these big guys!

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