Rod’s Steakhouse, Williams, Arizona


Rod’s Steakhouse, Williams, Arizona

Williams, Arizona is a charming, historic Route 66 town that has kept itself alive with a thriving tourist business and a great train ride to and from The Grand Canyon. We got out of the car and walked around town and I thrilled to many great old and new signs there, but the one that really gets top billing is Rod’s Steakhouse. It was sadly closed both times I’ve made this trip, which is sad considering it’s been in business since August 23, 1946.

Their website tells the story of Rodney and Helen Graves and their love for this part of Arizona. After running The Grand Canyon Tavern for seven years, Rod decided the town needed a good steakhouse, and the place was born. He raised his own Hereford cattle on a nearby ranch and organized the town’s first rodeo.

The current owner Lawrence Sachez worked at Rod’s as a dishwasher and busboy when he was a kid at Rod’s, and when he got a little older he worked as the manager and head chef for 13 years. In August 1985 he and his wife Stella bought the restaurant from Rodney and according to the site still operate it today.

It may have just been bad timing that we hit the place twice when it was closed, because we sure would have loved to eat one of their fine steaks!

Oil on canvas, 48×48″

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