Rock Cafe, Stroud Oklahoma


Rock Cafe, Stroud Oklahoma

We had a great lunch at the very historic Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma and were treated to an informal talk by the owner Dawn Welch about her passion for this place and Route 66 in general. Most amazing is that the first Pixar crews stopped here when they were researching for the background story for the Disney movie “Cars” and met Dawn. Her story inspired them so much, that a great deal of the plot for the movie was derived from her real life story and the main character Sally Carrera is really HER!!! I was very moved by Dawn’s commitment to keeping this pillar of Route 66 history alive despite the building burning to the ground, and her efforts to live a fulfilling life as a huge player in Route 66 history. Thank you Dawn for taking the time to treat us to a great lunch and for telling us your story. So so touching.

This Wikipedia link tells the whole story – no need for me to rewrite it – so heartfelt:

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