Moody’s Diner, still serving after all these years


Moody’s Diner, still serving after all these years

Several years ago I accepted an invitation to attend the wedding of some good friends way up north in the Penobscot Bay region of Maine. On the way up I drove straight through in 8 hours to attend the rehearsal dinner. That was a real challenge! On the way home, I decided to make it a two day trip and I stayed in the fabulous and funky town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. (I have some great shots of old motels and signs to share from OOB, but that will have to wait for another post.)

Meanwhile, not having a clue where to stop for some good chow, I stumbled upon this fabulous diner in Waldoboro, Maine – loved the sign, snapped a few shots, and went in for a killer breakfast – classic diner style. I was thrilled to see the place mats had the whole story of the place and that it had been around since 1927 and was still going strong. Little did I know until I had this painting up at my recent Oriole 9 show, that Moody’s has close to a cult status amongst regular travelers that frequently go back and forth from Woodstock to Maine. They worship the place!!

The Moody family first opened their business on Route 1A in 1927 with a few small cabins for $1 per person. By 1930 they were doing so well they opened a small restaurant and in 1931 added a small lunch wagon serving hot dogs and hamburgers to the Model T travelers.

As a true Mom-and-Pop operation, Bertha (mother of 9 children) was the baker and managed the cabin business, and Dad made all the additions to the diner, which now seats 108 people! They are truly a successful family roadside attraction that inspires! They even have a gift shop on-line.

Take a look at this menu of theirs from the 1930’s – so great!


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