Map corner, Jan 27, 29 & 31, 1945


Map corner, Jan 27, 29 & 31, 1945

Yet another new job for Dad – creating maps for orientation meetings for the troops! Now this is a job he’s very excited about! A few interesting lines about how he’s happy that Mary is giving up smoking, and how they only get 7 packs a week!

27 Jan 1945 V-Mail

Hello, sweetie – received your 14 Jan ltr today, but am still missing those from 6 Jan on. Also Xmas cards from Ruth W., Mercedes & Dolores (whom I’ll write) and ltr from Jerry Brookman – my playwright friend of basic days (Remember “Beachead” at Crowder?) Glad your folks like the house. but I’ve never worried about your judgment. Look who you married! I’m a very happy character! Last night I was put in charge of the Orientation meetings. The Capt at Hq evidently told the Sgt over here that I was interested in such stuff – so last night I started off with a short talk on Russia, and by the time I had to leave (to go on guard) things were really going hot! But the Lt said it was fine, so I’m very pleased. And today he took me to Group Hq for a meeting on Army policy of making U.S. soldier not only best equipped, etc, in the World, but also the best informed. So my job now will be setting up maps with lines marking fronts (& keeping it current – daily) and etc which I will explain next ltr. They’ve made me feel important and I’m going to do a job! I feel a great!! And I LOVE you

29 Jan 1945 V-Mail

Good evening, my darling – So you’re giving up smoking? I must admit that I’m pleased. Nothing wrong with it, and no sensible reason, but it will be nice. My cripes – “nice”! Sounds awfully silly of me when put in words – but I’m just a little glad for the shortage. We’re getting 7 packs a week now which will leave me about 1 pack to spare. My “map corner” is coming along fine. Found two huge (about 5 ft by 7 ft) drawing boards, with lights on top, and counter balanced so that the whole business raises from floor level to about five feet up! Took a 2 1/2 ton truck and five other guys to get ’em here, but it’s a swell set up! Have the maps up, and partially marked, but I’m going to add little bits of info, such as; Landed Guadal Canal such & such date, etc. Using bright colors for contrast. And to drag ’em in (the old “shill” come-on) have some luscious pin-ups. Plan to change regularly. Have had wonderful co-operation from everybody. The 1st Sgt wired up the lights for me! I should be a well read guy, too, because I peruse all the mags & papers for pertinent points of interest. Can’t help missing you & Karen – terribly. All my love

31 Jan 1945 V-Mail

Hello, Baby – Gosh darn the mail situation! No mail yesterday, and only a TIMES and EQUITY today. Can’t understand what’s happened to it all in the past six weeks. I’m at least a couple dozen ltrs short! Two good reasons for it being bad at Xmas time, but that’s all straightened out now. Well – can only hope, I guess. Map corner is coming along fine. Am getting the best co-operation from everyone. Beginning to look right snappy, and more guys drift over to see what’s going on every day. Main problem right now is getting the right kind of maps – but am working on the angles. Yesterday afternoon it was getting a good start on a blizzard, with fine, loose snow. But by 12:30 last night (when I was finishing my 2 1/2 hour guard) it was raining. And today most of our five inches of snow disappeared.

As in last Aug, the rumors & betting of “when it’ll be over” are going around. Keep thinking about “the day I walk in”! Can’t think of anything to compare with it right now. But will settle for a ltr from you – my very own darling


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