Maastricht, Holland, Dec 10 & 12, 1944


Maastricht, Holland, Dec 10 & 12, 1944

Now that he’s moved into Germany, it appears that he can reveal information about where he’s been in Holland: Maastricht! In doing some quick research it appear that: “Maastricht is an unusual, almost “unDutch” city and it’s location is the primary reason. It rests in a finger of land in the southeast of Holland, almost totally surrounded by Belgium and Germany. ” Fascinating! and the same article also mentions that it’s “the oldest fortified city in Holland”. No wonder they had a headquarters there!

10 Dec 1944 V-Mail

Hello, Honey – Two letters from you, darling – evidently mixed up again – Nov 24 & 29 (which is fast service, but must be others in the between, hmm?) Here we are crossing questions & answers again – you mention about tenant moving in Dec 1st. Yes, darling, I’ll be very interested in a financial statement. We should do all right, I think. Of course, it’ll take some time to pay off your Dad, and the house – but I’m not a bit worried about it. Yes, I hear from my folks quite regularly and Dad usually encloses a ltr from Harold. He is still in Hawaii, and doesn’t like Army life any better than I do, but seems to have a fairly good deal where he is. My golly, but it has turned cold! We’re inside, but there are practically no windows left anywhere, so the wind whips merrily about and we shiver – especially at meal time – the mess hall is just a big barn of a place. This morning I was shaking so much I could hardly drink my darn coffee. Black out security is from 4:45 PM to 8:15 AM now – some night, hum? Golly, how I’d love to spend one with you & Miss K! I’m sitting here listening to the radio now (8:30 PM) and plan to hit the hay as soon as I mail this to you, my darling wife – Love

12 Dec 1944 V-Mail

Good evening, darling – two nice ltrs today; one, Nov 21, from your dad; and one, Nov 27, from you. I never received the Pittsburgh pix, but if they’re as bad as you say, don’t bother to have more made. I’d love some others of you & Karen, though. And here’s a request for dates, or canned (the pkg nuts get pretty soggy en route) nuts or fruit, or figs, or candy (homemade, naturally) or what have you?

Most of my time in Holland was spent at Maastricht, a very nice city. The last two boxes of souvenirs were bought there (green & yellow striped cups). Most interesting day was when I went through caves where all of Amsterdam Museum paintings of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, etc are stored (but locked & guarded – I was five feet from billions of dollars worth of art treasures & didn’t see a one!) A big hill is called Mount St. Peter – on top is an old fortress, built about 1700 And underneath are caves first mentioned by a Roman about 50 BC!! You can see dates such as “1268” & “1694” with names affixed. So, naturally, I affixed mine! Caves would accommodate 40 or 50 thousand people (if they cold find their way around). I’ll tell you all about it OK? Surely would love to see you, darling. You know – next to me, I love you best – Mr. B.



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