Living in a gym, 10-20 & 21, 1944


Living in a gym, 10-20 & 21, 1944

20 Oct 1944 – V-Mail

Hello, sweetheart – Golly, am I stiff today! We’re sleeping in a gym now. There are a coupled of “horses” and rings from the ceiling, so naturally we all had to swing and turn over on ’em. Somebody will break his neck sure as hell. One guy hung from his toes, but couldn’t pull himself up again to let go. Lotta laughs helping him down.
Our mail clerk left us so now I’m it (in between my regular job. If anyone wants stamps, pkgs mailed, etc – I do it. Take outgoing, and pick up incoming twice a day. Very little work involved, and gives me a chance to get out and around. Breaks monotony – all around a good deal. More and more rain. And a little colder. The old mackinaw feels good on trips to the APO. Holding off on gloves & wool knit cap as long as possible. They say in another month it will be really cold here. Life is getting more like an army camp in the States all the time. We now must line up our beds – and today the order that extra pairs of shoes under the bed will be shined! Get us the polish (and they say “No C.S.” on the other side! Humph) and we’ll shine ’em. But we won’t like it. And don’t you DARE send me polish for Xmas! Say hello to Mercedes & Dolores. Kiss big, sweet ol’ Karen for me – here’s all my love for you, baby

(Side note: I didn’t know what a “mackinaw” was so I looked it up):

1. mackinaw- a short plaid coat made of made of thick woolen material

Mackinaw coat – an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors


21 Oct 1944 V-Mail

Hello, Darling – I’m just sitting here listening to some pipe organ music – and it’s made me very homesick for you. I guess it’s because we used to sit in movies & hold hands and talk between shows while the organ played. It’s funny how & when it hits you. Sitting on a stool getting a hair cut; driving in a convoy; in the middle of a meal. Nix goot – as the Dutch say. I’m a hell of a mail man. I haven’t even got myself a ltr yet! Probably be a mess in one of these days. Have a request. Salami. Hard salami. Fellow gave me a piece this afternoon & it tasted fine. One of those little ones about six or eight inches long would be swell. It’s a wonder that more bicycle riding civilians aren’t run over! Pedestrians, too. They simply pay no attention to where they’re going. Guess after four years of nothing but bicycles, all these vehicles are too much for them. Worst scares for me as a driver come in convoy – when guys in trucks ahead throw out cigs & candy. Kids will run out right under your wheels if you don’t swerve out of the way. And when you get truck and trailer loaded down and rolling through some of these little narrow streets, you have a job enough seeing that you don’t lose the truck ahead without watching civilians. End of paper – but I could write books on my love you & Miss K


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