Life in Belgium, Oct 17 & 18, 1944


Life in Belgium, Oct 17 & 18, 1944

17 Oct 1944 V-Mail

Mary, darling – ahha – Sept 30th ltr from my baby – with the telephone clipping in it. And ain’t you getting to be the domestic one? I’m very pleased – and would be delighted to get some of those fig (date I mean) bars, and some brownies. Be sure to send me some. Had a very interesting experience yesterday. Went through a porcelain & ceramics factory. What a lot of work there is to making a plate or cup. Most of designs (cheap ones anyway) are put on with a paper – the same way you put designs on an Easter egg. Many are hand painted, and some are painted on with a stencil (that fits cup or whatever) and a paint spray gun! Most interesting. Many guys are buying sets & sending them home, but I didn’t think you’d be interested – a bit too ornate, I figure. Besides, you may buy exactly the same thing in US or anywhere else. Doggone it – I still can’t find a stein so far that you think he might like? Also – his birthday is November 24 – I’m sure he’d be delighted with something from us. Can you swing it, please darling? Because I love you so much – and I’m trying to get home as fast as I can, ain’t I?
Pappy B – YES!!!

Hello, Sweetheart – Got your two ltrs Oct 3 & 6 today – plus ltrs from Mom & Dad & a Xmas card from Mom! I’m sorry about the darn document I sent being signed Neibauer. I didn’t give it a thought. And foolishly threw the second one away! Won’t they accept that other paper that I signed both ways? (or was that my ballot? I’ve forgotten). If there is no other way (how about an affidavit from Equity, or someone – showing my two signatures – or Social Security – they’ve got me both ways) guess you’ll just have to send me another thing. Sorry to put you to the trouble, darling. I’ve just been playing gin rummy with Erickson – my medic friend – and won 4.50 at 1/2 cent, 1 cent & 5 cents. Lots of laughs. Used some Belgian cards we got – just like playing with blotters. I’m sending you a couple of packs in the next box home.

I’m sitting here waiting for midnight when I’m through as a runner. It’s cold and raining outside. Those poor guys up in the lines! It must be miserable. I’m so happy that you’re having fun at home. But you must be doing a lot of work too? Give ol’ Karen a big hug & kiss for me – there’s gigantic ones for you, darling
Mr. B.

(Side note: when Dad moved to New York and became an actor, he changed his name from Neibauer to Bauer. However, it appears that when he was in the Army, his name went back to Neibauer. This has obviously created some confusion with legal documents related to their new home.)


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