Last few days in Europe, June 30, 1945


Last few days in Europe, June 30, 1945

He’s estimating just a few more days until they go to the staging area where they will be shipped back to America. They have a pool going to see who can predict the actual date they land on US soil.

30 June 1945

Good evening, sweetie, Here are a couple of MOs that will be of interest to you (to fly the Bauers to Seattle?) and I also got off my last box of junk to you today. That makes three, the other two were from Bielefeld. Included in this one is the ten rolls of film which I bought for you in Brussels, plus a couple of more pairs of tiny souvenir wooden shoes.

We are becoming very hot. Rumor has it that we will be leaving here in a day or so, for the staging area near Le Havre, where we should not be for over three or four days before catching the ol’ boat for home ”” We have a pool (ten bucks each) guessing the time that we will tie up at a dock in the States. I picked July 18. It would not only be a good day to get in, but would also net me about two hundred bucks. Ten bucks a crack is a bit steep, but as I’m doing all right with the poker dept (witness the money orders) I figured it wouldn’t hurt much.

We have been pretty busy putting the finishing touches on our final movement procedure, but we’ve also had time to play a game of hard ball with some colored boys last night, in which we had a thousand laughs, but lost 8 to 2. Hey, bottom of the page coming up and I’ve taken no time to tell you how much I love you , and how I can hardly wait until I see you. This may very well be my last letter to you from this side. I may wire you from the port if we have the facilities, but that is not important—compared with the fact I’m really beginning to get a bit excited about going HOME”” I can’t believe it myself until we’re on the boat. But, anyway, darling, I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you in the next 75 years—get set, baby, here I come… Rol

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