July 6, 1944 letter


July 6, 1944 letter

In this letter my Dad recounts his misadventures with animals in his foxhole. And he’s pleasantly suprised to have been assigned to a communications unit. (I remember my Dad telling me that he joined the Army as a conscientious objector.)

6 July 1944 V-Mail

Letter #18

Hello, Cutie – I’m sitting in the Communications trailer here – keeping dry (which has been a bit of a problem here in France). What my poor ol’ foxhole is going to be like, I dread to think. I rigged myself up a pretty snug little place – using ration cartons – but the way this rain keeps coming down it’s bound to seep in. But after sleeping wet so many times without even a sniffle I guess it doesn’t make any difference. I have the darndest time with animal life in my holes. Remember the ants in the last one? Well, last night I was lying there – just about asleep – when I feel a scrunch – scrunch under me! Now what? I slapped around and waited. 15 minutes and same procedure. Then I went to sleep. Today when I had my blankets out for airing I investigated and found a tunnel the whole length of my bed – and by a little digging found the instigator – a big old hoptoad! So I carried him across the field & told him not to come back. I hope he doesn’t. I’m working in communications here now. Am learning the whole set up and think I’m going to like it. This being assigned to a unit really is fine after being kicked around Replacement pools. No lines to stand in for anything. ‘S wonderful. Here’a big kiss for you – and a little one for Karen – All my love, Poppy


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