July 30 & 31, 1944 letters


July 30 & 31, 1944 letters

For those who are following – FINALLY A LETTER!

30 July 1944 V-Mail

Hello, Honey – It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and here I sit – on de ball. The one concession made on Sunday is no reveille – meaning we sleep until 7 instead of 6:30.

Went to see “The Uninvited” last night. The best movie we’ve had here, for my money. Went to the 9 o’clock show and was practically no one there so we just lay down with our heads on our helmets. Some luxury, hmm? Right now they are having an entertainment over at the same place (Spec. Service band, MC, mouth organ virtuoso – etc) but the Msg. Center must go on! so I’m staying to watch it. Don’t really mind, because you can imagine the corny show – I saw the last one and the only good thing in it was a local Cab Calloway who took himself very seriously and was egged into getting up and singing “Dinah”. Drove the ? crazy trying to keep time & change keys withh im. Like the Dolly Sisters, he was so bad he was terrific. Even sang an encore “You Rascal You” in 4 keys – simultaneously!

It must be plain that I’m getting desperate for want of things to write about. Still no mail. I’m getting numb. June 10 to July 30 without even a postcard. Well – I love  you – even if the P.O. is rubbing me pretty raw –

Letter 25 Pappy

31 July 1944 V-Mail

Hey, hey – baby – guess what – Yippee – I just now got 2 (two – count ’em) letters – and both from my honey!!!! Ain’t (cut off) mail of July 4, and typed (on home machine) V-mail of July 9. Doggone, it was good to hear from you, darling, even if some of it is confusing because letters #7 through #19, and #21 are missing, but they’ll probably all be in in a bundle now. S’wonderful to read about your bridge games, and the hints at your vacation, etc. I can’t get over it. Hope I get the pkgs soon, too. Isn’t the bank balance getting impressive, tho? Very encouraging.
What do you mean by the “14” that the censors left in? Date? Have they cut out much on me? I shouldn’t think so, because you can see that the things I’ve written of are innocuous enough (dull enough, I imagine, too).
These letters are the first that tell me that you even know I got to Eng. OK – let alone France.
Guess I’ve neglected to ask for things lately. I’d love some home-made candy – or canned fruit or juices, and that’s about all except pictures of you and Miss K in your summer toggery – or better still – some real, live kisses. Here’s bunch from here – with all love,

Letter 25 Mr. B.

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