Joy Motel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Joy Motel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Joy Motel is a joyous place indeed! I found it a few years ago in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, when I was on a road trip specifically focused on finding cool roadside attractions to document and paint.

Their website is focused on attracting travelers and doesn’t have too much historical information, but they claim to be the “original Motor Motel” of Eureka Springs since 1929! Their motto is “We’ll bring out the joy in you!” No wonder I was attracted to it!

Here’s a quote from their site:
“Keeping the retro style and the service of the Good ole Days is what we are all about. Sit around the oldest and largest swimming pool in town, sipping your favorite beverage. Make a S’more, or roast a marshmallow at the Fire Pit! Lots of friendships have started around the ole Fire Pit!!!”

And it even gets better: they offer a full pancake breakfast with your choice of blueberry, chocolate chip, peanut butter or plain pancakes – and a glass of TANG – wow!

I eventually read some of the tripadvisor reviews and was sad the first one was by some folks who had had their honeymoon there many years ago and come back for nostalgic reasons. They said the place had been taken over by new owners who weren’t keeping it up and claimed it was in poor condition.

Then I proceeded to read many glowing reports from folks that said the new owners had improved the look and cleanliness of the place. From my perspective as someone committed to preservation, I still give the new owners my thanks for keeping a great old tradition alive! The Joy Motel rocks!

Oil on canvas, 36×48”

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