Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Arizona

photograph of Jack Rabbit Trading Post sign that reads "Here it is"

Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Arizona

The Jack Rabbit Trading Post is on a small stretch of Arizona Route 66 that has been completely surpassed by Interstate 40. Honestly, you wouldn’t really want to spend too much time driving through miles and miles of desert on the old road here as there’s not a heck of a lot to see. But it is definitely worth the detour onto this old section of the highway, so take off at Exit 269, five miles west of Joseph City to visit this fun roadside attraction that’s been delighting guests for years. Not that much to see here except a big jack rabbit you can get your picture taken on. And of course this iconic sign that you’ve seen advertising the little roadside shop for miles.

Remember back in Staunton, Illinois – Henry’s Rabbit Ranch had a sign homage to this place that said “Hare it is”!!! Route 66 gold folks!

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