Illustrated luxurious foxhole, August 10, 1944


Illustrated luxurious foxhole, August 10, 1944

Letter #30, 10 Aug 1944

Mary darling, I’ve lost track completely of the no’s of my letters, so we’ll assume this is 30. In the past when I have not been sure I’ve erred on the lower no., figuring it’s better to have 2 ltrs with the same no. than to skip & have you think one was lost.

I’m enclosing a little flower I found out here in our field. Have seen very few wild flowers and when I did was either too busy (or in a hurry) to pick them. Will try to get more. Now to rehash your letters and answer stuff as it comes up. Par’m me please.

May 22 letter you mention taking our Pittsburgh pictures to be developed. What’s happened to ’em? Next – what about your book? No more news since ltr #6. Are you working on it, or keeping it to yourself. Don’t say, if you prefer, but I’m just curious, and hope it’s going well. The voting has been worked out, darling and I can handle it from here. Thanks, just the same.

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While I think of it now, would you call Equity, or drop ’em a card and give ’em my new address? They’ll tell the Sun. Times, etc, and maybe my paper will come in then. Probably the old ones (since March) are lost by now.

I read in the paper (S & S) about a land boom developing, and prices going up. How does the house situation look? any time to look around any more? No, the toothpick letter hasn’t arrived. Here are the ones I have, to date; (cut out by censor) The rest are still missing. Hope you get the raise, honey. You deserve it, I’ll bet. I’ve found out that I can write nothing about where I’ve been – even in Eng! Doesn’t quite make sense to me – after 2 months – but there it is, sweetheart. I’ll just have a lot to talk about when I get home, I guess. Is this getting awfully jumbled? I read a little of your letters – then write a little – so try to fill in the

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space. I’m sitting down here in my most luxurious foxhole to date. I have 3 galvanized tin strips (you know the wavy stuff used for barn roofs?) and my shelter half for cover. The dirt I shoveled out is neatly piled in back of some old planks I found, with a couple of feet of shelf space for duffle bag, etc. The walls are lined with cardboard & burlap (to keep the dirt from rolling onto my blankets) and under me is more waterproof cardboard & my straw mattress. This time I’ve built a narrow top to my hole and widened out as I went down. So much so, in fact, that the 1st night here the fine dirt keep sifting rough the burlap right onto my face! So next day I got some paper and tied it in – so now I’m snugger n’ a buggern’ rug! Maybe a coupled of diagrams will help. Kind of hard to write (or draw) down here, but here goes.

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 all together, a mighty fine little home. Why do we have to buy a house, f’ gosh sakes?

Well – let’s get back to your letters. (1/2 hr later) no more questions to answer – but swell to read again. Those poor letters will really be tired by the time I get home. It’s so good to read & reread about you & Karen.

It’s getting dark. And I miss you, darling. Nights are lovely here – if only you were here with me – and Karen playing around in the orchard. (10′ and I can pick apples!) Be a good girl, sweetheart, cause I love you – Mr. B. – your husband – ME – stupid!

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