Revisiting Henrys Hot Dog sign, Cicero Illinois


Revisiting Henrys Hot Dog sign, Cicero Illinois

I first discovered Henry’s Hot Dogs on a short Route 66 adventure from Chicago to St. Louis in 2012. That day it was pouring rain and I was extremely disappointed about the potential for taking good photographs under those circumstances. We trudged our way out of Chicago with high hopes of seeing some good roadside icons, and as soon as we hit Cicero, bingo! I spied this giant hot dog quickly approaching on the left side of the road. My heart was racing! Because it was a gloomy day, the neon glowed appealingly and I turned that image into an oil painting that now hangs in one of my collector’s Hudson Valley home.

When we hit the route in 2014, I was thrilled to see the sign again in all its glory and lo and behold, the sun was out! Read all about the history of Henry’s Hot Dogs and see my painting in this post.

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