Gypsies! August 31 & Sept 4, 1944 letters


Gypsies! August 31 & Sept 4, 1944 letters

31 Aug 1944 V-Mail

Hello, Sweetheart – your ltr confirming definite raise came last night. Magnifique, darling! Bravo & huzzahs for you! ‘s funny I just wrote you about driving to Seattle and couple of days later you reply. Sounds super from here. I hope that you don’t have too much trouble trying to find a place to live – and that you can convince Mercedes to go along!

We moved in here in the rain. What a day. It was another fellow & my turn to dig latrine trenches – besides our regular work, so what with sweat & rain I was a wet kid. I finally got my own tent set up and have such a good system that my blankets didn’t even get wet! I’m parked directly under an apple tree with the best tasting apples I’ve had in France. Oh yes – people along the roads now hand us an occasional apple or tomato, if we can stop in the right place – when you’re in a convoy, you move when the convoy moves. The goils – la, la – are getting beautifuller & beautifuller, but I didn’t see the hunchback around anywhere. Had letters from Mom, dad & Rene saying that Harold has left with a Frisco APO. What a shame, poor guy.

Golly, but I miss you and Karen. Paper & pen are so inadequate to explain one’s feelings – particularly, with a censor literally looking over your shoulder – but I love you & I don’t care WHO knows it

Letter #38 Pappy

4 Sept 1944 V-Mail

Hello, my darling – Haven’t even washed for 3 days. Move – set up – tear down – move – Gypsies – that’s all – Gypsies. 3 ltrs from you – about the house – last one Wash, DC. I’m on edge, wondering – 14 grand is a lot of money, but I have confidence in your judgement, so if you really want it, buy (of course, you’ve probably bought it all ready, but I don’t know yet – the last ltr you were negotiating) Don’t think I’m not excited, and enthusiastic about the prospects of a home – it’s wonderful! – but I’m simply pooped and there is still work to do, but it’s been so long since I’ve written, that I figured to hell with it – you are more important. This is the best area we’ve been in yet. We’ve passed thousands of cheering, clapping, dancing-up-and-down French. Gave us tomatoes, apples, onions and beer as we drove along in the convoy. Even on country roads they are gathered in big groups – where do they come from? I’m sending you a box of stuff I’ve collected. Can’t buy smoke(?) Can’t pick out certain things for certain people – so I’m sending all home, and we’ll decide what to who when I get there, ok? Open them if you like, or wait – I don’t mind. Your letters are swell, sweetheart. I love you. Regards to all. Big kisses to you and Karen.


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