Fun ‘n Sun, Florida


Fun ‘n Sun, Florida

In the mid 1980’s I was working as a graphic artist in New York City, having been trained at Art Center College of Design. I had a host of different clients, one of them being People Express Airlines, which at the time had many cheap flights all up and down the east coast. They didn’t have a lot of money to pay me with, but we bartered a great deal: I provided the artwork, they provided lots of free plane tickets! I primarily chose to fly to Florida (especially nice in the winter) and while there on numerous trips, found great joy photographing (and then painting) a number of the motels and signs that caught my eye!

I was especially fond of the business names that used an apostrophe! This was a carry over concept from a whole genre of advertising and marketing used in the 40’s and 50’s and was especially prevalent in Florida signage.

I also discovered that I loved catching everyday scenes of people doing ordinary stuff in relation to these buildings and/or signs. This particular series was all done in watercolors, and I still have a few of these gems left in my collection.

Watercolor, 20×14”

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