Fresh, Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington


Fresh, Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington

I grew up in Seattle, and the Pike Place Market on the corner of 1st and Pike, has always been one of the most fun and entertaining places to visit there. The Market opened on August 17, 1907 and is one of the oldest continuously operating public farmers’ markets in the US. Not only do they sell the most beautiful freshly caught seafood, locally farmed fruits and vegetables, but they also boast an amazing collection of vintage neon signs that are beautifully preserved.

On our last trip a few summers ago, I found this Fresh fish sign and fell in love with the colors and the mood! I painted it almost as soon as we got home. I showed it locally soon thereafter, and it was snapped up almost immediately by two of my collectors. Still fun to enjoy the image here though!

Oil on canvas, 40×40″

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