En route, June 24, 1945


En route, June 24, 1945

Dad’s back in Rheims in a camp much like the US where they’re in tents with no lights, no water and they could be here for up to one month. But he’s chipper because he knows he’s on his way home. Trying to make plans to visit his folks in Seattle, as his Dad isn’t well and he’s very concerned about that.

24 June 1945

Mary darling, Here we are a short distance from Rheims in a camp that is very reminiscent of camps in US. We live in tents, with dirt floor no lights (thank gosh it is light from about four AM until around 11 PM no water, and it is dusty, hot and windy as hell—but we are on our way home, so we don’t mind…Received your swell letter of June 8 yesterday…while I remember it, Mrs Larry Trombly address is 114 Brinkerhoff St., Plattsburg, NY (to send the goblets on to). Also glad to hear that you are getting Yank all right…no, I never heard in the other letters. Did I tell you that besides the ice cream in Brussels, our last morning for breakfast, we each had five (5) eggs??? We still hear all kinds of rumors here…will be here from a month to 45 days, or that we’ll be leaving in a week…we don’t know. We sleep on cots, walk about a half a mile to eat, and do very little else but play ball and poker…so far I am doing very well in the latter, and if I can get a money order I’ll be sending you some money for our Seattle trip soon. What would you think about flying out? I’d hate to spend the money, but we’d probably have to taka a compartment with Karen, anyway, wouldn’t we? Do you want to look into the deal so that we can consider it? You will please pardon the typing but I have bunged up a few of my fingers and typing with bandages is a bit complicated. In reading back over this damn thing, I see that my thoughts are really rambling, but as I’ve told you before, I’m just so fed up on writing that I have no desire to take the time to do much more than make sense. By the way, I think I’ll write my folks now that we may be coming home. Mom wrote and told me about dad. It seems that he has a leakage of the old hemorrhage, and every time he gets excited he has convulsions and doesn’t remember what is going on. I don’t like it at all, but feel better now that I know what the score is. That is why I think it will be better to break this thing to him in easy stages, so that he won’t get excited at all. Well, my darling that is about all for now. I’ll try to wire you more details of when we will due home, and in the meantime I will write you…occasionally. All of my love to you, sweetheart, and I hope that I’ll be seeing you VERY soon — Rol




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