Dusk at the Angler Motel


Dusk at the Angler Motel

This is another painting that was inspired by an old photograph I had taken (somewhere) and forgot all about – rediscovered while leafing through miscellaneous pictures. I was immediately taken by the mood and loved the iconic nature of the tavern with the pick up truck in front and an anonymous 4-wheeler barreling by on the road. Also I’ve come to love neon signs at dusk, when you can still see what’s going on just enough to create a mood, and the neon tubes are glowing against the ever-darkening sky. The painting flowed out of me and people have loved it.

I had no idea where this was taken, but speculated that it was Pennsylvania, as we had done a number of canoe trips on the Delaware River when we lived in New York City. And they’re big into fishing there as well, so it seemed logical.

Imagine my surprise when one of my friends found an almost identical photograph to mine online (same exact angle of the sign with the road on the left, etc) and the location was Arkansas! I am still baffled, as I have no memory of going to Arkansas at this earlier time in my life! A mystery for sure.

The Woodstock Writers Festival thought this would make a fun image for a writing contest, and we were flooded with great stories. Here’s the winning story by Todd Mercer:

The Straight Angles

1. There’s a pool and there’s trout fishing available on the grounds, but there’s no fishing in the pool.
2. No swimming in the fish pond either. Obviously.
3. The sheets and towels are hot-water washed on a daily basis. The bedspreads? Get real.
4. We do not accept guests on an hourly basis, and yes, you have to use your actual name to register.
5. Tip the maids, like decent human beings are supposed to. Or you’re on your own and the management declines responsibility.
6. We are committed to the privacy of our guests. If you see someone you recognize and they act like they don’t know you from Adam, be cool, because they saw you too.
7. Be aware of and observe the posted catch limit for trout. If all the guests took a couple extra fish, we might fun out by your next visit. Imagine what a laughing stock we’d be if there were no fish at the Angler Motel. It’s a small thing in the spiraling cosmos, but to us, still pretty central.
8. Toilet paper is meant to roll off the top front. If you a mount a roll incorrectly, that’s your choice, but we will mention it in the daily staff meeting and wonder amongst ourselves what grade you dropped out of.
9. Frowns close minds, while smiles open doors. These aren’t all the rules, but they’re the ones you need to know.

Enjoy your stay at the Angler.


Oil on canvas, 36×48″

Giclee prints available for purchase here.


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