Day to day life, October 29 & 31, 1944


Day to day life, October 29 & 31, 1944

29 Oct 1944 V-Mail


Hello, sweetie – Got your Oct 14 ltr today. Karen helping you clean sounds awfully cute. I can just see her, following you around – all serious. I think I’ll like that one!

This has been a fine Sunday. Was runner last night so slept until 11 this morning. Got up, had dinner, and went for mail. Also had to make another call, so did not get back until 4 PM. It’s brisk out, but clear as a bell, and it was a fine  Sunday drive. My medic pal, Erickson, went along and we have lots of laughs. After supper tonight, we all went to see Fred Mac Murray, Dot Lamour (L’amour too phoo!) & Betty Hutton in a thing called “And the Angels Sing” Best part of it was the walk back here in beautiful, full moonlight. What a night for romance – with my baby –  you, stoopie!

We’re sitting around the “barracks” (gym” now waiting for 10PM “lights out”. A few guys are swinging on the rings – some listening to the radio, writing ltrs, reading and five others slapping cards down on a table playing rummy (practically no poker in this outfit – & no craps since the night I sent you the $50. Maybe pay day again) anyway – I love you, cutie – & ol’ Mizz K – all my love to you
Pappy B.

31 Oct 1944 V-Mail

Hi, Cutie – No mail again. Darn. But, wonder of wonders – guess what I had this afternoon? A pass! Real, written, honest-to-gosh pass from noon till six PM. So Erickson & I went into town. Stores in Holland are closed tight from noon till 2 PM (that’s what I call a lunch hour!) So we just window shopped to get an idea. Some places looked fairly interesting – but we later discovered that like all continental stores, practically everything is in the windows – if you don’t see what you want there, you won’t find it inside either. One place had some really nice jewelry – which you can buy if you turn in equivalent weight of silver or gold. Not feeling like pulling out my gold fillings – I didn’t buy you any jewelry. The rest of the stuff in the whole town is positively junk! We did get our pictures taken (one sitting – boy, mine will really stink, but I’ll send it on – six postcard size photos for 8 1/2 guilders, or about 50 cents each) had a dish of ice cream, a plate of soup, and several beers during the afternoon – but otherwise the day was a complete bust. But I love you and hope for a ltr tomorrow. Hugs & kisses for you and Karen



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