Dad was a “runner”, Nov 2 & 3, 1944


Dad was a “runner”, Nov 2 & 3, 1944

I am interested in getting more of a handle on exactly what my Dad’s job was in the Message and Communications arena – but he’s mentioned being a “runner” several times. I have looked this up online and have the impression that he was intercepting radio signals from platoon leaders and relaying that information to others in his division who were then making decisions on the ground. I welcome anyone who knows more about this, to contact me via this blog and help flesh it out.

2 Nov 1944 V-Mail


Hi, darling – still no mail. We read in S&S about the million tons of mail on the way (Xmas pkgs) and wonder how in hell we’ll get that when we don’t even get ltrs! Well, maybe it’ll improve. We have a very good break here. There’s a civilian movie house (taken over by Spec. Serv.) where there’s a different movie every day. We go as a body in the evenings. I’s only – except of course, a few guys pick up girls  take ’em. We see the run of the mill there. Last nights little stinker was “Till we meet again”. Most trite bunch of much ado about nothing, and to make it worse the print was evidently an old one – you could barely hear & see. But it’s a great pleasure, at least, to sit in seats and be able to relax – just like at home – almost.

You ask me how the boys feel about the election. You evidently didn’t get my ltr in which I said most of the guys I’ve talked with are (blacked out.) Of course, I only see a small percentage, and those are Ord men who are probably more mature in their thinking than most GIs. (?) would be amazed (and pleased) at my anti=admin. arguments.
Be a good girl, sweetheart – give Mer & Dol my best and all my love toy and lil ol’ Miss Karen.

3 Nov 1944 V-Mail

Hi baby – Four ltrs today – finally! Yours of 18 Oct; one from Dad; one from Mom and one from Mrs. Nesbit. Mercede’s Chinese gourmet friends sound like lots of fun – and what providers! My cig. lighter works elegant — in spite of fact that we’ve long since run out of lighter fluid & use straight gasoline. Can’t see a bit of difference. I’m most anxious to hear how you made out at Lemonts – and what shape the packages arr. in. Some home going pkgs have been pilfered, we hear, so I’m concerned about the perfume, in particular. Let me know just what arrives. It is now 4 AM – I’m runner. Sitting here in front of the switchboard and thinking how much more pleasant than when we were in the field and used to sit in the dark in the trailer and shiver. Saw the “Canterville Ghost” tonight. Quite amazing, and with a better ending could have been a fine show. Golly, but the old moon was beautiful up there tonight. I was thinking how nice it will be to walk home from the movies with you again – have a glass of beer, maybe – see that Karen is covered up, bless her, and climb into a soft, warm bed. Good night, my darling
Mr. B.


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  • fbeka
    Posted at 01:15h, 04 November Reply

    Beautiful writing – heartfelt while at the same time longing what they all wanted- to be at home. Great job of transcribing.

    • maelife
      Posted at 14:07h, 05 November Reply

      Thank you. It was an amazing project! Heartwarming to read again.

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