Christmas Day 1944 letters


Christmas Day 1944 letters

25 Dec 1944 V-Mail
Germany (to Frank)

Dear Dad, Haven’t heard from you (or anyone else, for that matter) in some time, but mail is pretty snafu so I can understand it. The pkges from Mary and Rene about a month ago were the only ones I’ve received, so far, but hope the others will arrive eventually. Our cooking facilities are very limited here, so we had to settle for ham for dinner today. But we’ve had a couple of brilliant, sunshiny days in which the air force could really go to work, so we’re happy for that. It’s quite cold again, about 20 above, and with these clear nights we wake up to see everything white with frost in the mornings.

I’ve enjoyed driving our major around the country a great deal lately. Sure is funny to sit way down in a civilian model Chevrolet sedan (now an Army car) when you are used to sitting out in the open driving a jeep or truck. Can’t honestly say that it’s been much of a Xmas – but what the hell – we’ll make up for it in years to come. Hope that you & Aunt Ag have had a fine day. Very best to you two & Harold & Rene, as always
Your son, Rollin

25 Dec 1944 V-Mail
Germany (to Mary)

Hello, Cutie – I’m sore. I don’t mind not getting mail, not getting pkgs, not having “turkey & fixin’s” – not having Xmas! But when I read this Pollyanna poop in papers & mags (including S&S – our own paper) about all the stuff the “front line” troops are getting (you’d think we were living on the fat o’ the land!) Dammit, then I get mad! Some of the guys got most of their pkgs, others like me, got one; lots got none, and nobody got all. And then you read an article written by some jerk in Paris, or NY, about what he thinks is going on, — —- —- aah!! Merry Xmas — —- sp -l-l-l-t-t!

Now I feel better. Another beautiful day – bright sunshine; crisp, blue skies laced with graceful vapor trails made mostly by our good ol’ air force back up there giving ’em hell again. Nice to see.

And so we take our leave of this pleasant land (pan into a sunset shot) and wish all these “happy-happy” boys were here with us.

But I love ya’, don’t I? You know I do — Pappy

Holland 1944
(written and mailed in Holland, no doubt to be read Christmas Day)

My darling Karen –
Another year has rolled around and here we are, farther apart than we were last Christmas – but only in the practical world of things, and cabbages and kings.
On Christmas day, I may be in any, of many places – no matter. My love, and thoughts, will be at home, with you, and Mommie.
So play, lil Sweetie, have fun. Continue to be, as I know you will, the grand little girl of whom Mommie writes – and one fine day, before you know, we’ll be together again, we three; you, and Mommie and me.
Merry Christmas, to you Karen


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