Cheered on by the French 8-18 & 21, 1944


Cheered on by the French 8-18 & 21, 1944

The letter from August 21st is really interesting. My Dad talks about how the people were cheering for them as they were moving from one spot to another, and after receiving pictures from Mary, his spirits are soaring as he now has something better than a Varga girl! Wish I had that picture!

18 Aug 1944 V-Mail

Hi, honey – whew – I’m finally caught up to where I can write Letters 31, 32, 34 & 35 are here now – but we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to answer. Day before yesterday, for instance, rose at 0500 and didn’t get to bed again until 0300 next morn! Was “runner” that night (case any msgs come in that are important and an officer needs to be wakened). Course I slept until 11 yesterday morning, but what with digging etc, I was a beat chick. Thank gosh we have G.I. laundry or I’d have to be washing now instead of writing. We have dozens of French coming around here. Our mess sgt. is really a fine man. He never turns them away. Of course, I get lots of chances to practice my French. I can understand most of the stuff fairly well, but have to consult the book for verbs & nouns – but usually get across.

Have tiny (about 1″ long) frog friends here. Toss ’em out every night before going to bed. Couple of guys now have tame rabbit traveling in the truck with us. GI’s really go in for pets. Me – I’m saving myself for you & Miss K and Penny’s offspring (have you named her yet?) One of these weeks I’m going to write you a decent letter instead of these notes. All my love to you, sweetie
Letter 33 Pappy

21 Aug 1944 V-Mail

Hi Honey – Now I know what it feels like to ride in a circus parade – complete with clowns!  On this jump we saw thousands of people lining the roads and streets – waving and shouting Vive L’ Amerique” – and laughing at one of our radio boys who had picked up a battered silk topper some place, and who bowed and doffed his “chapeau noir” like crazy. They really got a kick out of it, and seemed very excited & happy to see us. As usual, we tossed out all of our candy & cigarettes to them, and some guys got cider and wine in return, but unfortunately for us we were going too fast to get any (when we did see it) and our stops weren’t near anyone who was passing it out. People around here are very lucky (comparably) in that the war has gone past them so fast you barely see signs of it – and they show it. They’re gay, well dressed and seemingly well fed. We’ve even seen quite a few handsome mademoiselles – ou la la! This part is war as you see it in the movies.

Your letter with the 1st 3 Maine pictures arrived – and what a pin-up girl I have now! Varga or Petty couldn’t touch it! Golly, but I laughed when I saw them – they’re wonderful. That’s a good pair of pins that kid has – takes after her ol’ man! Hey – I love ya
Letter 34 Pappy


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