Censors are gone, May 20 & 22, 1945


Censors are gone, May 20 & 22, 1945

These are uncertain times for the soldiers waiting to go home. In Dad’s unit one guy left this week and another one will be going home next week – they’re all on pins and needles but don’t hold out high hopes. The good news is the censors have left, so he can say anything he wants. This may mean the letters get more substantive from here on out. Again, he’s living for the “games”!

20 May 1945 V-Mail


Hello, Sweetie, Doggone, I’m simply physically pooped! Worked quite hard this morning (for supposedly Sun. off!) and then this afternoon started off by playing three games of volley-ball with one of our companies. We each won a game, and then they completely trounced us for the deciding game. Then the old man asked me to find myself a partner to play him and Lt Roe some badminton. So we played three games of that, and then a couple of more with some other guys when they got tired. Then tonight Col Bettman came in for some more ping-pong, and after about seven games — Ahm pooped.

Your unhappy May 9 letter (along with one of May 10 from your mother – how come, and 3000 miles farther?) arrived last night. Isn’t it funny that VE day left us both so low instead of so high? Natural, I guess, but odd. I’m so glad that both you and Karen are recovering so nicely. We still know nothing about our future. Our guess as to VJ day is anywhere from tomorrow till 1948! This will interest you, I think, as it is the fist time in over year now that you will  know where I am — in Bielefeld, Germ That is about 1/2 way between Hanover and Dortmund, and about 20 miles north of Kassel. Can you find it on your map? It is a fairly big place.

Keeping busier than hell is the best antidote for homesickness in the world. That is why I find all of the athletics very fine indeed, plus the fact that I also like playing practically anything. Damn, I wish that they had some golf around here, but they don’t. But I sure do miss you, honey. Give Karen a big hug from Daddy, and here are huge ones for you


22 May 1945 V-Mail

Happy anniversary at Marseille, my darling. Seven years ago today was a day I shall never forget. Remember how we started for the Palisades, but somehow never got there? Someday we will have to pay another visit just for the hell of it. The Crisps, from Boston, I remember. another thing I was thinking of today (re your mothers ltr on Patty’s desire to wed) was whether her boy-friend will have the fun trying to convince the Shannon’s that I did. I think the story of our courtship would make a very amusing story. Have you ever thought of writing it? Maybe I will. Your mother tells me that I write very well, and coming from her (who has done more reading than somewhat) I consider it a great compliment. Might be rather interesting to have a writer in the family, at that….Got your 13 May ltr today!!! Now, that is what I call service! (and it’s about time) The unit censor has gone off of us here now, so I can say anything … but I’ve got in such a rut that I’m still unconsciously cautious. Besides I can’t think of anything. What do you want to know about? Ask for details of anything I’ve written that you’re curious about and I’ll fill it in now. The new campaigns have been announced, and I’m entitled to four bronze stars now, instead of three, meaning I’ll have 64 points toward going home — someday! We had one guy from here leave for home today, and one more has enough points and the rest of us are just sweating. Hope that that congressman gets his way and has all fathers sent home. Cause I wanna go home to you and Miss K.
All my love — Pappy


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