Buzz bomb hit, Oct 22 & 25, 1944


Buzz bomb hit, Oct 22 & 25, 1944

22 Oct 1944 V-Mail

My darling Mary – Here it is another lovely Sunday afternoon – a perfect date – should be a fine day except that I’m way over here & you’re way over there, which is enough to ruin the best day. Your Oct 10 through 13 ltr arr. today (took you a long time to write it, but I liked it very much). Karen, asleep, with hand behind head, must have been a wonderful thing to see. We will definitely start additions practically immediately I arrive home, because, darn it – I want to see all these stages in development. I may want to write a book some day. I never told  you how a buzz bomb dropped near us a long time ago, did I? We were moving that morning, so were having early breakfast. Pitch dark, in fact, and raining. I had got my grub and groped my way over under a tree and had just started on my mush when we began to hear the darnedest racket (like a plane motor) I ever heard. Kept getting louder, & suddenly we saw the trailing fire from the jets. Then the motor stopped! I scrambled toward a hole & there was a terrific explosion. That was all. We went back to our breakfast (a few guys hunted for theirs) and a couple of hours later, moved out on schedule. All my love to you, sweetheart

25 Oct 1944 V-Mail


How are you, baby? Your June 27 ltr arr. yesterday – but it s almost as newsy as if it had been written this month because you spoke mostly of Karen. You’d just finished final arrangements with Teenie for the trip. Karen’s “firm” aggressive attitude with Mary C. sounds very funny – also “good girl” after producing on the potty – cripes I’d like to see her! We had “Cover Girl” last night – right in our gym (sleeping quarters), because it’s the best show spot around here – so we sat (some even lay on their beds – luxury) and saw it through twice! Very good dancing, and quite a good movie all around. I visit a Liege, Belgium, a few weeks ago. A beautiful city hardly damaged by the war except for the bridges over the Albert Canal – which we now cross on pontoon bridges. It was a great treat to buy several ice cream sandwiches from a street vendor. Many nice dept stores & such – but as all other towns, it’s off limits to us. That’s why it’s very tough to buy much of anything, because even the town we live in is off limits to us. We stay strictly in our area except when we’re driving. But they can’t stop my loving you – and missing you like all get out! All my love, darling 
My gosh Yees!
Mr B.

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