Bonus of mail, Feb 8 & 10, 1945


Bonus of mail, Feb 8 & 10, 1945

Finally the letters are flowing in and this is one of the few things that really makes my Dad happy – no mail, very sad. Interesting reference to their heating and light bill for two months of $80 and what an outrage that is! Also at the end of the second letter, his comments about yearning to walk down a street and see the lights of the homes on, after being in black out for so long.

8 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Dearest Mary – Ha heh heh hee whee – I’m delirious! 3 ltrs from you today! And recent! Jan 19-21-29th. Also one from M. Grimes (new address, Apt 32, 1256 Jones St – Frisco). What’s this $80 for Nov & Dec. heat & light bill? $40 a mo. for h & C?!!! Must be installation or something else in there, no? My gosh, Macy’s should have such a bill! $4.25 a mo. is no bargain for water either, for winter. What about when summer comes & you water the lawn & garden?

How nice that your whole family could be together a while! I’m missing ltrs telling of details, but sounds as though you’d had a grand time – EXCEPT – do I have to get severe about this getting sleep business?

I’m sleeping in a tremendous big room (since joining the co) and enjoy the evening bull sessions that go on around me. Have all kinds of space to keep my German ammo box “footlocker”, small dresser, & bed and barracks bag, of course. Finished reading the Alex Woolcoth book – thoroughly enjoyed it – but what happened to about 50 pages torn of the middle of it? Now reading Thurbers “Leave your Mind Alone” & laugh out loud at his stuff. But mostly I miss you & Miss K – Pappy

10 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Hello, my darling – I’m overwhelmed. I’m speechless. 8 ltrs today! Four from you – covering quite a span – Jan 12,29,31 & Feb 2! Now that last one is what I call service! I’m highly in favor of the Spanish project. I imagine all of you women will have a wonderful time talking over my head by the time I get home. I’m delighted to hear such things as Karen dressing herself, johning herself, etc. Those simple little occurrences probably seem trivial to you there where you are commonplace, but they’re amusing shafts of light to me. Coming through a small town tonight in the blackout, I could barely make out the silhouette of a street light hanging out in the middle of the st. And I got to thinking about quiet, peaceful little towns with the lights on! Anytime (for so long) when we’re able to see even a crack of light in a window we’re inclined to raucous comment on “jerks who don’t black-out” and, or course, many threats of “shoot the —- lights out!”

It’ll be nice to take walks in the evenings with you and Miss K and see the lights of our house when we come back. Ah me – the stuff that dreams are made on! All my love, Rollie


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