Big Texan Steakhouse, Amarillo, Texa


Big Texan Steakhouse, Amarillo, Texa

The Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas reminds me so much of the good old days of  roadside travel. For many miles as we were approaching Amarillo, we saw large billboards announcing the incredible FREE dinner you could have at this fabulous restaurant! They would actually GIVE you a free 72 ounce steak if you could eat it in one hour (along with the entire dinner that came with it)! As we were leaving, witnessed a group of four Aussies attempting just this incredible feat! They were staged on a raised platform in the center of the room to eat their meal for the competition/performance in front of the whole room. Their friends gathered around and cheered them on while a large digital clock above their heads ticked the minutes away backwards from 60 minutes in large red type. If you don’t finish the entire meal (which includes potatoes and lots of sides), you just bought yourself a very expensive $72 meal (and most likely would not be feeling too well afterwards!) It’s not a situation where you’re dining at a pleasurable pace!

The place itself is classic American kitsch (that I love so much) with huge taxidermy heads of deer, moose, and other game animals adorning all the walls, (not good if you’re a vegan), a roving band of country musicians who come to each table and play requests, and the young cow pokes in cowboy hats slinging steaks around the stoves who cook your dinner. I have to say this was the best baby back ribs I’ve had in recent memory and the margaritas were just the ticket after a long day on the dusty road!

In my entire memory of the Route 66 trip – The Big Texan Steakhouse stands out as a real highlight! It’s a must experience kind of thing when you’re in Amarillo! Just do it – you’ll love it!

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