Addicted to Route 66, Williams, Arizona


Addicted to Route 66, Williams, Arizona

Addicted to Route 66 is a store in Williams, Arizona that sells all things Route 66 – and if you’ve been a road warrior that has made it this far from Chicago and you’re still gunning for Los Angeles, you may have already filled up at least a few bags full of Route 66 t-shirts and miscellaneous paraphernalia that you’ll have no idea what to do with when you get home. But all that aside – you need to stop at yet another shop that will have something you haven’t seen yet! And maybe this one will be just the ticket?

Oh yes, the town of Williams is just south of The Grand Canyon and if you don’t want to fight the crowds finding a place to park, you can take a cool train ride up and back and eat a great dinner right here in town. Something to think about!

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