A shower, Oct 13 & 15, 1944


A shower, Oct 13 & 15, 1944

Friday 13 Oct V-Mail

Hello, Mary darling – no mail at all the past couple of days but will probably get lots tomorrow. had a grand shower this afternoon. Went to a big place here in town where there was plenty of hot water! What a treat not to have to stint on water – but just stand and revel in it. Most invigorating, and only cost five francs – or ten cents American (you bring your own soap & towel of course!) Soap is a very rare thing here. A very nice old lady who lives on the corner here, and whom I’ve become friendly with by giving candy to her grandchildren, asked me if I could possibly spare her some – said she would make a trade with me, but wouldn’t tell me what. So I dug around in my old bag & found a beautiful bar of Palmolive. In return, I expected a little trinket – but what does she put in my hand but a shiny new (1939, really – but not warn because she’s had it hidden from the Germans) silver piece about the size of our dollar! I refused to take it, but she said she wanted me to make it into a pendant, or brooch, for you (I’d showed her all my pictures and she thought you & Miss K were “tres belle” too). She said for the candy for the kids etc she wanted me to have it, anyway. So I’ll be sending it on in the next box, with the admiration of a fine old Belgian lady – and all my love to you
You know me – Pop

15 Oct 1944 V-Mail

Hello, darling – got a pkge of candy (homemade divinity & fudge) from Mom yesterday. It was delicious, but it must have been in the bottom of the pile next to the boiler room, because it was smashed & run together. But, never daunted, we got our spoons out and dug in and smacked our chops! Hope more of my pkgs will be along soon.

It’s a beautiful Fall Sunday. Brown leaves falling and whirling in the breeze – fairly cold. What a day for a romp with you & Karen – or maybe a football game with hot dogs & peanuts. Dream on, son, dream on.

Saw “See Here Put Hargrove” last night – and enjoyed it as much if not more than I did almost a year ago at Camp Crowder. Hope that we keep on getting shows as good, but doubt same. Why they can’t ship us good movies, I can’t understand. We have quite good facilities for viewing same, now, however a big room with benches even to sit on. We sit at tables with benches now for chow too. We’re at most civilized in many ways like that. But give me our old unit furniture (has the cat torn it to pieces yet? I’m greatly amused by her inflation & curious to know the results) and big double bed (and you – too – hmm) and I’ll be happy. Best to Merc & Dol.
All my love to you – Mr. B.

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