9-13 & 15, 1944 V-Mail


9-13 & 15, 1944 V-Mail

Looks like Mary bought the house in Westchester. I can already see how my Dad is feeling his life slipping away, as she goes ahead and creates a life on her own. She wants to get a dog and he begs her to wait till he gets home (which of course will not be for over a year from now)!

13 Sept 1944 V-Mail

to Mrs Rollin Bauer
Box 1079, Chappaqua, N.Y.

Hi cutie – First ltr to the new address! You’re probably quite comfortably settled by now. Certainly hope that you’ve used some of your vacation time for rest. Your drawing and different ltrs are a little conflicting on who is living where. Is marine’s wife now in the former Dr’s 3 office rooms? then where are Mercedes & Dolores? In one of the upper bedrooms – one to the right as you go upstairs – hmm? Now how much do we pay off on the mortgage per mo? Is that thru FHA? That’s besides what we owe your Dad. What’s the deal on paying off each – and when (how much total debt) can we be clear? Is the house brick or frame? Oil or coal furnace? Why did the doc sell & move out? OK – guess that should give you something to write about. Yo’ve probably answered many of the questions in the ltrs on the way.

We’ve had two fair movies lately. Gary Cooper “Casanova Brown” and Mick Rooney “A.H. & Blonde Trouble”. Other news here – not much I can report. I’m fine. Just had a nice shower. And just see your ltr #26, July 19, from Maine! Hope it means that I’ll start getting more of my lost mail. I miss you, awfully; sweetheart. Would love to see K at the dinner table – or anyplace. All my love to you, darling

15 Sept 1944 V-Mail
to Chappaqua

Mary darling – two very nice ltrs from you today. But you do sound tired, baby. Like I’ve said before – you take it easy! It’s swell that you can be with Karen most of the time now, but what a shame about the Lemonts. You were more than fair, in my opinion, and it’s too bad that they take it the way they do. I can see their side, but they must have known before we left Monroe St that it would have to end this way. We can’t spend the rest of our lives with them. I hope for Anne’s sake that you get everything straightened out. And I’m very happy about Mercedes solid friendship. A dog is a super idea! But please wait until I get home to get one. I want to be friends with him from a pup.

I’m sending you a big ration box full of asst china today. I hope that it gets home intact, but our packing facilities are extremely limited. A few pieces are fairly nice, I think – but you know big stupid me. Maybe someone will like the stuff though. I was thinking. Maybe we could use some of the stuff for Xmas presents? See what you think. I’ll never watch them feed the animals in a zoo again. We have hordes of well meaning folk (the kids are the worst) who just stand and watch us eat. We pass out the stuff we can (which is why they come) but still stand and look. Most embarrassing. I love ya, darling. Kiss Karen for me


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