66 Cowboy

Oil painting by Mary Anne Erickson called "66 Cowboy"

66 Cowboy

Who can guess the stories that unfold along the great Mother Road, Route 66? This painting evokes yet another mystery to be solved by the viewer. Enjoy! And many thanks to Michael Williamson, a photographer for the Washington Post, for allowing me to use his excellent photograph taken in Barstow, California as my inspiration.

In 2014 I had the great honor to travel the length of The Mother Road from Chicago to Los Angeles with my esteemed colleague Jen Dragon and a group of bikers in a cancer fundraiser called “The Ride for the Relay”. It was an amazing two week journey full of discoveries and adventure as we followed behind people of all ages in our funky car which was being transported for a friend from one coast to another. By the time we got to Barstow, we had almost reached the end of our journey with deeply mixed emotions. We were ready to head for home, but oh so sad to say good-bye to Route 66. I know that I will travel that highway again in the future to explore more of its mysteries. After all, once you’re a #66chix you’re basically hooked for life!

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