Dick’s Auto Repair


Dick’s Auto Repair

We came across this sassy auto repair shop and gas station called “Dick’s” early on our first day. I’m pretty sure you can find it as you’re entering Joliet, Illinois. The folks who created this place really had a good time positioning a bunch of old cars and trucks around on the roof, and scattered about the property. How can you not love this about Route 66 in general? Here’s to the folks who love to celebrate our automotive history and have saved these relics for us to enjoy! Maybe they don’t run anymore, but they’re sure fun to look at!

Be SURE to stop at The Route 66 Welcome Center in Joliet, which has a great gift shop and lots of books about the route you’ll be tempted to buy. My favorite is  “EZ 66 Route 66 Guide for Travelers”. It literally takes you step by step through the entire trip in great detail! A “must have”!

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