Impressions of India
Surrendering to the Journey


In January 2015 I traveled to Northern India for three weeks with a small group of friends. It was a great opportunity to document both the mundane and the mystical: the explosive colors, luxurious textures, and design motifs that span the centuries and diverse cultures. All of this coexists alongside devastating poverty in India.


As a tourist, I straddled the fine line between wanting to capture everything I saw, without being intrusive or insensitive. These photographs were all taken with a small pocket-size Canon Powershot camera that had a highly efficient 32x zoom, so I was able to get up close when needed.


Some of the most powerful images in this series were taken on The Ganges River in Varanasi. I was deeply moved by the experiences here and chose the photographs that expressed an indescribable feeling, an inner longing: “I know this place and it knows me.”


These photographs were printed on Indian Dupion silk and Indian cotton by master printer Stephen Kerner. They range in size from 30”x40” to 8’ wide. Each image is printed in editions or 3, and individually signed by the artist. They will be exhibited in July 2016 at an exhibit at The Arts Society of Kingston, New York. To purchase a print, please contact the artist.


Impressions of India
Surrendering to the Journey




Inspiring images from the author/artist Mary Anne Erickson’s 2014 journey through northern India. After her return home, these images compelled her to write the devotional poems that accompany each photograph. Enjoy this celebration of the colorful, vibrant Indian culture through her eyes and heart.


Impressions of India – Surrendering to the Journey is available in softcover and downloadable pdf formats.



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